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Our Mission is to give the opportunity for all people to become self-sufficient! Ignorance is the mother of fear, but knowledge is power. We are here to empower you to take on life without fear, and enjoy life to it's fullest!

Our logo, the triskelion, is a Celtic symbol for Past, Present, and Future.
This symbolizes our slogan, "Learn from the Past, Survive the Present, and Secure the Future". But this is so much more than a slogan. This is more than just survival summed up, it's life mirrored in a sentence!

We are not stuck in the past like many other companies and survival schools, but we believe that the past is the key to the future. That the past is saturated with forgotten knowledge, which is the key to advancement.
Think about how dependent you have become on civilization. Ask yourself: what would you do if that all just disappeared? What would you do if everything went haywire and you were knocked off your day to day routine? I am not bringing up these questions to scare you into buying a bunch of gear, like so many companies try to do. I bring up these questions to make you face reality, to face your fear. We don't feed the fire of fear, but only encourage self- reliance.

We said at the beginning that our mission is to give all people the opportunity to become self-sufficient. So, now it's up to you! What are you going to do about it?

Gear you can depend on.

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